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The Arch, Its Symbolism

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THE ARCH, ITS SYMBOLISM     by   Jacques d’Arthuys
translated by Stephen Anderson
        55 years ago, on this same day, 21 MAY 1934, six people founded the ALPHA-GALATES: George MONTI, Doctor SAVOIRE, Professor Maurice MONCHARVILLE, Marshal FRANCHET d’ESPERAY, Professor Louis LEFUR and the writer Gabriel TRARIEUX d’EGMOND, in truth they copied the ORDER of the PRIORY of SION, by taking again its symbolism with the ARCH. All six belonged to the PRIORY of SION. Moreover one was follower of B' NAI B' RITH, another member of the GRAND ORIENT, a third founder of the AMITIES AFRICAINES, a fourth of the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY. For them, the ARCH was posed on the surface of the water which appeared as the sign of PEACE and WISDOM in the turmoil, it was the token of the covenant, the guardian of the very essene of the tradition, its form was the true representation of the Hebraic letter: [Cheth] the generating movement of life, its number is 8, it is the "fence" of defense, the sum of its three sides is 22, its center is the way which guides the ARK towards the STAR.
        The ARCH was the origin of the foundation of the PRIORY of SION and represents its summit nowadays. Its composition is of thirteen members, the ROSE+CROIX, which meet in the round temple of the Black Rock,[1] according to the legend this place was formerly a temple of MITHRAS, its form is that of a half rings of 12 toises[2] 15 having 13 stone seats. Each seat is engraved of a letter, that is to say: AB URBE CONDITA. On the ground is a GOLD SUN of 1 toise 52 bearing these letters: MM CD XXX IV which is 2434 in Roman numerals, it seems recent, undoubtedly engraved by a HAUTPOUL towards the end of the 17th century. The old entry is obstructed for more than [number illegible] toises, a drilling opened an entry in the south. Nowadays the ARCH radiates on a great part of the world, it is to its summit that the chiefs of the States will come to seek PEACE.
PARIS, MAY 21, 1989
JUNE 27, 1989

[1] “Roc Noir”, presumably “Roc Négre” near Rennes-les-Bains.
[2] An old French unit of measurement equal to 6.4 English feet or 1.95072 meters.


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