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List of Issues

Page history last edited by Stephen Anderson 7 years, 7 months ago
Principal contents – Research articles
Newsletter Oct 1992 ;

Genealogy of Marie de Negre, trans by Jenny Barkway

 Marie de Negre Blanchefort was part of the Hautpoul family who lived in the chateau adjacent to the church at Rennes-le-Chateau. Her tombstone is a key part of the Rennes mystery.
Newsletter Dec 1992 ;
Study on the : ‘Temptations of St. Anthony’,  by Val Martin BA
 Investigation of the paintings of David Teniers the Elder & the Younger in relation to the theme of the temptations of St Anthony.
Chronology of the ‘Parchments’  by Paul Smith
 Select references from 1956 to 1985
Newsletter Feb 1993 ;
Rennes Group visit to Paris including St. Sulpice, St. Denis, St. Germain du Pres and visit to Jean-Luc Chaumeil
Newsletter Aug 1993 ;
Article on the Comte de St. Germain, by Val Martin BA
R.O. 1.1 ;
Excursion to RLC by Elie Tisseyre, 25th June 1905, and  
Excursion to RLC, 19/26th June 1993, by Paul Smith                                              
 Report by Elie Tisseyre of a visit to Rennes-le-Chateau with the Society for Scientific Study of the Aude. Mention of the Marie de Negre Blanchefort tombstone.
Maurice Magre, Author and Poet, by Val Martin BA
 Author of the «Return of the Magi», Magre had a deep interest in the Cathars.     
R.O. 1.2, Dec 1993 ;
Emma Calve (by Pierre Jarnac), trans by Paul Ferguson
The Cathars,  by Val Martin
R.O. 1.3, Feb 1994 ;
The Pentagram, by Paul Smith
 Investigation of the Pentagram in relation to Rennes-le-Chateau
The Templar Cross and the Golden Mean, by Mark Pawson
 Poussin’s Les Bergers d’Arcadie : Luxor : Chartres
Virgil’s 10th Eclogue and the Family of Planta, by Paul Ferguson
 Arcadia : Swiss Planta family and their coat of arms
R.O. 1.4, June 1994 ;
Visions at Fatima and Lourdes, by Jon Boulter
Reflections on the Sauniere mystery, by Paul Smith
Pentagram – the number 5, by Gay Roberts
 Investigations of the symbolism associated with the number 5
R.O. 1.5, Nov 1994 ;
English synopsis of ; ‘L’Heritage de l’Abbe Sauniere’, by Gay Roberts
 A synopsis of a book (that includes many original documents) by Claire Corbu & Antoine   Captier whose respective parents were residents of Rennes-le-Chateau. Captiers grandfather was Sauniere’s sexton and Corbu’s father bought the Villa Bethanie from Marie Denarnaud
Secret of La Salette, by Jon Boulter
 La Salette was the site of visions of Our Lady in 1846 ; Emma Calve and French occultists ; the upside-down cross at Rennes-le-Chateau
Extract from ;’La Colline Envoutee’,by Jean Robin, trans by Paul Ferguson
 Further investigation of the role of La Salette in the Rennes mystery
Collections of inscriptions from RLC, by Paul Smith
R.O. 1.6, Mar 1995 ;  
The Golden Thread, Ch 1, by Mark Pawson
 Boudet & the Celtic Language ; origin of place names
Spring exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art, by Val Martin BA
Merovingian propaganda ; Le Dossier Secret,
 Extracts of PoS documents found in the Bibliotheque National
The Turin Shroud and the Priory of Sion, by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince
 Possible connections between the PoS and the Turin Shroud
Trans. of article on, ‘Hieron du Val d’Or’ ; Sacred enclosure of the Golden Valley
 A glimpse of this `Sacred Heart’ secretive devotional organisation
Baldock, (England), and the Knights Templar, by Guy Patton
 The Templars in Hertfordshire and the first Grand Master of England
R.O. 1.7,   Mar 1995 ;  
Myth of the Priory of Sion, by Paul Smith
 A sceptical look at the Sauniere/PoS story
Chronologies of the Rennes mystery, by Paul Smith
Reality of the Priory of Sion, by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince
 The authors personal contact with the PoS and their findings
Jansenism and RLC, by Jon Boulter
Sauniere, Jansenism and Lazarists, by Gay Roberts
 Two articles that suggest that Sauniere had a link with Jansenism
The Golden Thread, Ch 2,  by Mark Pawson
The Vault at Notre Dame de Marceille, Limoux,  by Filip Coppens
R.O. 1.8, Sep 1995 ;
The Maquette of the Abbe Sauniere, by Clive Prince
 Andre Douzet’s discovery of a topographical model allegedly commissioned by Sauniere
The Blue Penitents of Narbonne, (synopsis) by Paul Smith
Mary Magdalene and RLC, by Guy Patton
 Mary Magdalene and the church at Rennes-le-Chateau ; Pilat connections
Sauniere and the Sacred Heart, by Guy Patton
 Indications of Sauniere’s devotion to the Sacred Heart
The Golden Thread, Ch 3, by Mark Pawson
R.O. 1.9, Dec 1995 ;
Mythologie du tresor de Rennes, (Rene Descadeillas), English synopsis, pt 1, by Gay Roberts
 A synopsis of the sceptical and factual investigation by Rene Descadeillas in 1962
Sauniere the Untenable, reflections on the mystery, by Ian Campbell
 A detailed examination of the allegations concerning Sauniere’s discovery of parchments
The Golden Thread, Ch 4, by Mark Pawson
 Paris Meridian – the Rose Lline ; Church of St Sulpice ; Rennes-les Bains cemetery
R.O. 10, Mar 1996 ;
Mythologie du Tresor de Rennes, (Rene Descadeillas), English synopsis, pt 2, by Gay Roberts
 A synopsis of the sceptical and factual investigation by Rene Descadeillas in 1962
 Inscriptions on porch of RLC church, by Guy Patton
 Interpretation of the porch inscriptions at the church of Rennes-le-Chateau
The Golden Thread, Ch 5, by Mark Pawson
R.O. 11, Jun 1996 ;
History of the church at Notre Dame de Marceille, Limoux,  trans. by Clive Prince
Comment on Notre Dame de Marceille, by Paul Smith
Sauniere and the Comte de Chambord, by Guy Patton
 The Comte de Chambord was a claimant to the throne of France ; His widow Marie-Therese donated 3000frs to Sauniere during the rebuilding phase of his church
The Golden Thread, Ch 6, by Mark Pawson
 Vincent de Paul and the Compagnie du Saint Sacrament
Review of, ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’, (Greg Rigby), by Jon Millar
R.O. 12, Sep 1996 ;
Review of, ‘Tomb of God’, (Schellenberger & Andrews), by Clive Prince
Correspondence on RLC, by Paul Smith
 Various letters received by Paul
Mythologie du Tresor de Rennes, (Rene Descadeillas),  English synopsis, pt 3, by Gay Roberts
    A synopsis of the sceptical and factual investigation by  Rene Descadeillas in 1962
The Golden Thread, Ch 7, by Mark Pawson
 Black virgins ; Mary Magdalene
Le Fabuleux Tresor de RLC, (Jacques Riviere), English synopsis, pt 1, by Gay Roberts
 A book that contains much factual information and repros of original documents
R.O. 13, Dec 1996 ;
Notes and letters on the Priory of Sion, by Paul Smith
 History of a Mystery documentary ; Jean-Luc Chaumeil’s PoS ; Priory documents
The Golden Thread, Ch 8, by Mark Pawson
Le Fabuleux Tresor de RLC, (Jacques Riviere), English synopsis, pt 2, by Gay Roberts
 A book that contains much factual information and repros of original documents
R.O. 14, Mar 1997 ;
Le Fabuleux Tresor de RLC, (Jacques Riviere), English synopsis, pt 3, by Gay Roberts
 A book that contains much factual information and repros of original documents
 Sauniere and the Vatican Archives, by Guy Patton
 Vatican file that contains documents relating to Sauniere’s conflict with his bishop
RLC and the neighbourhood of St. Benoit, trans. by Gay Roberts
The Golden Thread, Ch 9, by Mark Pawson
 Poussin’s Les Bergers d’Arcadie ; Geometry ; Et in Arcadia Ego
R.O. 15, Jun 1997 ;
Archives of RLC, (Pierre Jarnac), (Eng. synopsis, pt 1) by Gay Roberts
 Pierre Jarnac has compiled an extensive archive of material, much original, that concerns the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau
The Table of Isis, pt 2, The Templars of the Apocalypse, (Jean-Luc Chaumeil) Contributed by Paul Smith
 A sceptical analysis of the Rennes mysteries. Jean-Luc Chaumeil was the Priory spokesman in the late 1970s and early 80s. Following his removal from this position by Pierre Plantard, Chaumeil became vehemently anti-Plantard and his PoS
The Golden Thread, Ch 10, by Mark Pawson
Treasures and Mysteries of St.John of Lyon, (Andre Douzet), trans. by Gay Roberts
 Interesting description of Lyon – the occult capital of France
Landscape Geometry, Fact or Fiction, by Mark Pawson
R.O. 16, Sept 1997 ;
Archives of RLC, (Pierre Jarnac), (Eng. synopsis, pt 2) by Gay Roberts
Shugborough Hall, Staffs, connections, by Paul Smith
               Shugborough Hall is the home of the Anson family, Earls of Lichfield. In the grounds is a memorial that carries a relief of Poussin’s Shepherds of Arcadia in reverse, with some minor alterations andan  enigmatic succession of letters
The Bible Code, (Book review) by Ian Campbell
The Golden Thread, Ch 11 + Ch 12, by Mark Pawson
 Atlantis and Egypt ; Arachne’s Web
Merovingian Promotion at St. Sulpice, by Robert Richardson
 Personal experience - correspondence
A brief outline of ;   Les Cahiers de RLC, No.11, (Pierre Jarnac)
Letter to Paul Smith about ; Vaincre, Alpha Galates, Plantard, Vichy etc.
 Letter from Professor HR Kedward
* Note : due to an oversight, there is no number 17.
R.O. 18, Dec 1997 ;    
Review of ; ‘Key to the Sacred Pattern’, (Henry Lincoln), by Paul Smith
 Henry Lincoln’s account of his involvement with the affair of Rennes-le-Chateau
‘Et in Arcadia Ego’, (Robert Gavelle),  contributed by Paul Smith
    A study of the history and meaning of Et in Arcadia Ego 
‘Berenger Sauniere in Lyon’, (Benoist Riviere),  trans. by Gay Roberts
Review of ;’Templar Revelation’, (L.Picknett & C.Prince) by Paul Smith
Are Jesus and John the Baptist the same person ?   Research by Larry Dean
              A thorough examination of the Gospel texts especially the Greek versions with the conclusion that Jesus and John the Baptist were the same individual.
Archives of RLC, (Pierre Jarnac), (Eng. synopsis, pt 3) by Gay Roberts
Inscription on Boudet’s Gravestone, (an investigation) by Peter O’Reilly
 A detailed examination of this strange inscription
R.O. 18b, Mar 1998 ;
Analysis of the parchment codes, by Alan Ackeroyd
              Alan exposes various inconsistencies in the diverse explanations givenfor the parchment codes
Otto Rahn investigation, by Nigel Graddon
 A member of the embrionic Nazi party, the German Otto Rahn stayed in the Ariege region during the early 1930s during his search for the Grail. Rahn went on to write several occult/esoteric books.
Boudet and La Vrai Langue Celtique, by Jon Millar
"Stone and Paper", Priory Doc exposed, by Stephen Anderson
 Stone and Paper is a document written by someone on the inside of the PoS that claims to explain how all aspects of the Rennes mystery were cleverly composed by Plantard and his friends
Comte de Chambord profile, by Vi Marriott
Poussin, Blue Apples, Antony House connection, by Paul Frost
L'Ile Dumet - Navel of the World, by Andre Douzet
Freemasonic chronology, by Paul Smith
R.O. 19, June 1998
The Lily and the Rose by Vi Marriott
 Analysis of PoS writings ; parallels with the 17th c Rosicrucians
The Jesus Angle by Paul Smith
Venus – the Rose and the Heart by Nick Kollestrum
 Symbolism of the transit of Venus, the Rose and the Heart
The Lost Will of 1644 (Rene Descadeillas) trans by Gay Roberts
 Extract from Descadeillas’ Rennes et ses Deniers Seigneurs
Historical Background to the Original Grail by Paul Smith
 Overview of Grail stories and their origins
 Investigation of this strange aspect of the PoS’ Dossier Secrete
R.O. 20, Sept 1998
Emma Calvet biography, by Vi Marriott
Priory of Sion Fraud - investigation pt. 1, by Robert Richardson
 Robert presents a case that the PoS and its allegations have little historical validity but were composed for fraudulent motives ; written in 3 parts
The `Dalle' of Marie de Negre D'Hautpoul, (by Bruno de Monts) trans. by Gay Roberts
The Goddess of the Priory, by Stephen Anderson
 An investigation of the role of Mary Magdalene in the Rennes mystery
Reply to M.Descadeillas, by Gerard de Sede trans. by Gay Roberts
`Tomb of God' v `Stone and Paper' - cipher comparisons by Michael Gauffman
R.O. 21, Dec 1998 ;
Priory of Sion Fraud - investigation pt. 2, by Robert Richardson
See RO 20.
The Lamb and the Roseline, by Peter O'Reilly
The Abbe Sauniere's Treasure, by Christopher Scargill
 An academic’s view of the Sauniere story and the origin of the Priory of Sion
Paris Meridian and a Pyramid, by Val Martin
 Sauniere, Madame James and the Parchments, by Frances Pearson
 An examination of the alleged export of parchments mentioned in the Messianic Legacy
Positioning the Parchments, by Stephen Anderson 
   A study on the physical appearance and format of the parchments and the alleged interaction between parchment 1 and 2.
R.O. 22, Mar 1999
Priory of Sion Fraud - investigation pt3, by Robert Richardson
See RO 20
Parchments and Papers, by Alan Akeroyd
 Explanation of the nature of parchment and the improbability that the PoS documents were ever written on parchment.
Boudet, Lampos and the Menorah by Peter O'Reilly
Further investigation of Boudet’s Vrai Langue Celtique and its’ symbolism.
Comment on Tomb of God criticisms by Michael Gauffman
Misc. notes on Rennes-le-Chateau by Paul Smith
Synarchy (Synarchic politics) by Jonothan Boulder
Mystery of the Treasure (Roger-Rene Dagobert) trans by Guy Patton
Details of the treasure thread of the Rennes mysteries
R.O. 23, June 1999
Comment on The Priory of Sion Fraud by Stephen Anderson
Stephen’s observations of Robert Richardson’s article.
Rosicrucian History by Paul Smith
Hermetic and Rosicrucian Chronology by Paul Smith
Mystery of the Magi of Rennes by Michael Gauffman
An investigation into a possible connection between the symbolic biblical Magi and the mystery of Rennes.
Eugene Stublien (from Archives de RLC by Pierre Jarnac) summary by Gay Roberts
Stublien was alleged to have made copies of gravestones in the Aude. However, the signature ascribed to him that appeared in a Priory of Sion publication has been exposed as false.
Letters from members
R.O. 24, Sept 1999
Poet as Chameleon (Jean Cocteau) by Vi Marriott
The London Cocteau Mural by Michael Gauffman
Network Synarchique
Comments on the RLC Mysteries by Paul Smith
Henri d'Orleans, Comte de Paris
On Bended Knee (Observations at RLC) by Stephen Anderson
An investigation of possible links between the symbolism of the `bended knee’ and certain constellations with the Rennes mystery.
More Rosicrucian History by Paul Smith
Et in Arcadia Ego (Meridian and Time) by Gay Roberts
Was Poussin’s secret connected with the concept of time and meridians so necessary to sailors wishing to cross the oceans ?
The Sublime Poussin (French origin. Louis Marin) translated by Catherine Porter
A brief book review.
Black Virgins by Gay Roberts
R.O. 25, Dec 1999
Le Serpent Rouge (Analysis) by Michael Gauffman
Too Many Virgins by Valerie Martin BA
A brief look at Black Virgins.
Heretical Connections at RLC (Symbolic links between 3 paintings) by Guy Patton
Possible connections between Poussin’s Les Bergers d’Arcadie, Teniers Temptation of St Anthony, the anonymous painting of Celestine V, and the mystery of Rennes.
The Shepherdess Cipher (Parchment/inscription analysis) by Tim Axon
An in-depth examination of the cipher found in the so-called Parchment.
Cardinal Rospigliosi Biography by Gay Roberts
Cocteau's London Mural (Analysis) by Michael Gauffman
Is the Lamb of God at RLC? (Further researches of Larry Dean) compiled by Guy Patton
Mystery of the Beale Papers by Vi Marriott
R.O. 26, Mar 2000
Hieron du Val d'Or & the year 2000 by Peter O'Reilly
The Hieron was a secretive esoteric Catholic foundation devoted to the Sacred Heart mentioned in the writings of the Priory of Sion.
Esperaza Church (in the Rennes geometry) by Michael Gauffman
Trip to Paris (Churches) by Val Martin
Godfrey de Bouillon & the Pof S by William Arney
New Interpretations of Rennes-le-Chateau by Martha Neyman
Tomb of God Cipher Square by Michael Gauffman
R.O. 27, June 2000
A Guarded Defence of Lobineau by Michael Gauffman
Henri Lobineau was a key figure in the Priory of Sion accounts. To date his true identity is unknown – possibly Phillipe de Cherisey .
Exposing the Priory's Web by Robert Richardson
Analysis of Paul Sennier letter by Michael Gauffman
The Paul Sennier (anagram of Arsene Lupin) letter first appeared in a journal published by the Terre de Rhedae association based at Rennes-le-Chateau. Generally regarded as a hoax, the letter contains interesting elements worth investigating.
Christina, Rospigliosi and Arcadia by Sandy Hamblett
Connections with Poussin’s Les Bergers d’Arcadie
Saints Germanus and Genevieve by Val Martin
The Delmas Manuscript translated by Gay Roberts
The Abbe Delmas, priest of Rennes-les-Bains 1682 -1742, compiled a report on the immediate area of Rennes-les-Bains. Considered a good source of local history.
Scottish Rite & fringe Rosicrucianism by Paul Smith
R.O. 28, Sept 2000
Bayard: Castle, Knight & Horse by Peter O'Reilly
The role of `Bayard’ the symbolic perfect French knight in Priory of Sion symbolism.
Crux of the Matter (Rennes & Astronomy) by Ian Campbell
Investigation into the link between the Southern Cross constellation and the French meridian and the geometry in the Rennes landscape.
Sennier letter analysis by Michael Gauffman
Time, Truth and Arcadianism by Sandy Hamblett
More investigation into Poussin links with the mystery.
`Alteo' communications presented by Gay Roberts
Anonymous communication with members of the Rennes Group.
R.O. 29, Dec 2000
Colbert & the Marquisate of Blanchefort corr. from Tim Carmain
Connections betweenLouis XIV’s minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert and the Blanchefort family.
Comments on RO 28 articles by Michael Gauffman
Shepherdess without Temptation by Frances Pearson
Poussin’s paintings and the mystery of Rennes.
`Natus Magdalenus', Cocteau & Eric Gill by Helen Buckingham
The Magdalene connection
More on `Bayard' by Michael Gauffman
The Two Leos (Popes, the Priory etc) by Stephen Anderson
R.O. 30, Mar 2001
Symbolic World of the Priory of Sion  by Guy Patton
Villa Bethania - a theory by Frances Pearson
Francis Bacon & the AA by Sandy Hamblett
The Marquisate of Blanchefort by Michael Gauffman
Le Cercle d'Ulysse (Jean Delaude) trans by Gay Roberts
This is a key Priory of Sion publication that introduces many of the more common themes.
Who is Nicolas Froumenteau? by Stephen Anderson
Alleged to be one of the Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion.
R.O. 31, June 2001
The Naundorffist Cause by Peter O’Reilly
One of the principal claimants to the throne of France in the mid-19th century.
In the Country of the White Queen  trans by Gay Roberts
Another offering from the Priory of Sion’s Dossiers Secrets.
Paul Le Cour, the Heiron and the Priory by Peter O’Reilly
The role of the Hieron du Val d’Or (see RO 26) in the Rennes mystery.
Pierre Plantard in his own words trans by Guy Patton
1972 interview with Pierre Plantard ;and a letter from Plantard to Jean-Luc Chaumeil.
The Paul Sennier Letter trans by Gay Roberts/M. Gauffman
See RO 27.
R.O. 32, Sept 2001
The Tombstone Controversy by Gay Roberts/ F. Pearson
A study of Marie de Negre d’Hautpoul’s tombstone.
Naundorff and La Salette by Peter O’Reilly
See RO 31.
Merovingian Descendants/Enigma of the Razes trans by Gay Roberts
A further article from the Dossiers Secrets introducing more Rennes mystery themes.
Poussin painting & RlC - interview with Patrice Teisseire-Dufour
According to researcher Robert Tiers, the Poussin painting associated with Rennes is not Les Bergers d’Arcadie but one concerning the Labours of Hercules and the Garden of Hesperides.
R.O. 33, Dec 2001
Sauniere’s Model by Andre Douzet
A small maquette depicting a landscape, allegedly near Rennes-le-Chateau was discovered by French researcher Andre Douzet. See also RO 1.8. 
V Andreae, Francis Bacon & Rosicrucians by Sandy Hamblett
The Caballa of the Horse of God by Peter O’Reilly
Is the Cheval de Dieu (found in the parchment message) a phonetic code for the Cabal of Philippe de Cherisey, alleged author of the parchments.
Sauniere’s Family Tree by Frances Pearson
R.O. 34, Mar 2002
Alteo Enigma Analysis by Stephen D Anderson
See RO 28.
The Pretender and the Virgin by Vi Marriott
More on the claimant to the French throne, Karl Naundorff.
Le Dossiers Secrets de Henri Lobineau trans by Mike Gauffman
Another article published by the Priory of Sion in the Dossiers Secrets.
Carolingian Tombstone of RlC trans by Gay Roberts
An investigation by Marius Fatin (Former owner of the Hautpoul chateau at Rennes) of the `Knight’s Stone’ found by Sauniere the church at Rennes.
R.O. 35, June 2002
Knights Templar by David Ellsworth
Extract from an article writen in 1992. David started researching the Rennes mysteries in 1966 and is one of the few people granted access to Vatican archives.
Vatican Templar File Revelation sent in by Eddie Lark
Recent discovery of manuscript showing tha Pope Clement V had personally exonerated the templars from their alleged crimes
The « Flori » Manuscript from Pegase No 2
A fake manuscript exposed
Manuscripts & the Stained Glass Windows  from Pegase No1
Sauniere & Montazel’s Fountain by Frances Pearson
Star Maps in Paintings : Update to « On Bended Knee » by Stephen Anderson
Update to article found in RO 24.
Sauniere and the Martinists by Vi Marriott
R.O. 36, Sept 2002
Sauniere/Montazels Fountain – additional notes  by Frances Pearson
Sauniere/Montazels Fountain by Valerie Martin
Sauniere’s Altar in Belgium by Sany Hamblett
Similarity between the altar painting at Rennes and one in a Bruges church
Plantard’s `Vrai Langue’ Preface commentary by Stephen Anderson
This preface is found in the 1978 reprint of Boudet’s Vrai Langue Celtique. Plantard makes a number of interesting but uncorroborated claims.
Tombstone of Marie d’Hautpoul by Patrick Mensoir
Hautpoul (village) by Frances Pearson
Findings at RlC (from Pegase 3 Pierre Jarnac)  trans by Gay Roberts
A catalogue of archaeological discoveries in the Rennes area.
Two Lost Paintings Part I by Peter O’Reilly
Paintings that provide a link between the symbolism of Peladan’s Rose Croix and the Priory of Sion.
R.O. 37, Dec 2002
Flori Manuscript Exposed by Stephen Anderson
See RO 36.
People of the Dove (Cathars) by Vi Marriott
Two Lost Paintings Part 2 by Peter O’Reilly
See RO 36.
Rennes-le-Chateau Visit 2002 by Val Martin
Cult of the Sacred Heart Part I by Guy Patton
An investigation of Sauniere’s involvement with the Cult of the Sacred Heart.
R.O. 38, Mar 2003
Cult of the Sacred Heart Part2  by Guy Patton
See RO 37 for Part I.
Gerard de Nerval by Val Martin
Portrait of a poet and a bohemian traveller
Martinist Universal Pentacle
Parchment script
Old Parish Register (L’Heritage de ..) trans by Guy Patton
Description of the Tomb of the Lords and those interred in it. The presence of a crypt in the church of Rennes-le-Chateau has been much debated. This entry is particularly revealing.
R.O. 39, July 2003
Alleged Coded Parchments (Investigation) by Ian Campbell
A very detailed examination of the alleged parchments and their encrypted messages.
Flight of the Abbe Bigou by Jeremy Potter
More on Gerald de Nerval by Chris Tremayne
Correspondence from the Priory of Sion by Guy Patton
Recent correspondence and publications from acknowledged Priory of Sion sources.
R.O. Newsletter, Oct 2003
Plantard’s Preface to 1978 edition of Le Vrai Langue trans by Guy Patton
Interview with Gino Sandri trans by Guy Patton
The Parchment Saga continued... by Sandy Hamblett
Further detailed research.
R.O. 40, Dec 2003
Sauniere and the Occult, (Pt 1) by Guy Patton
An investigation of Sauniere’s links with Martinism, Rose Croix groups and a Gnostic Church
Return of the Magi by Vi Marriott
Further Martinist connections
The Shepherdess Cipher by Tim Axon
A very detailed examination of the coded message in the large parchment.
Yet more of Gerard de Nerval by Valerie Martin
Godfrey de Bouillon & the PoS, (Pt 1) by Sandy Hamblett
R.O. 41, Mar 2004
Sauniere and the Occult, (Pt 2) by Guy Patton
See RO 40
The Truth at Last by Valerie Martin
Sir Anthony Blunt the spy.
Hautpoul Coat of Arms by Chris Tremayne
A detailed investigation of the Hautpoul family and their Coat of Arms.
Plantard: the pre-Priory of Sion enigma by Filip Coppens
Plantard’s alchemical and hermetic interests.
Sauniere & Lyons links by Guy Patton
The Arcadian Conference by Valerie Martin
Restoration at Notre Dame, London – Cocteau Mural by Valerie Martin
R.O. 42, July 2004
Godfrey de Bouillon & the PoS, (Pt 2) by Sandy Hamblett
The Human Father of Jesus by Stephen Anderson
The Eternal Feminine by Peter O’Reilly
Further investigation into the occult world of the 19th century and its possible inspiration for some of the Priory of Sion symbolism
The Treasure of Rennes-le-Chateau – A Mystery Solved? by Guy Patton
Review of a book by Bill Putnam and John Wood.
Review of - Anthony Blunt: His Lives (Pt 1) by Valerie Martin
R.O.43, Dec 2004
Source of the First Parchment by Stephen Anderson
Discovery of the Codex Bezae as the source for the large parchment.
Review of – Anthony Blunt: His Lives (Pt 2) by Valerie Martin
Review of – Still Spins the Spider of Rennes-le-Chateau by Guy Patton
Review of book by Bill Kersey. Claim to have discovered a subterranean vault or passage near Rennes-le-Chateau.
The Mystery, or not, of Rennes-le-Chateau  by Guy Patton
Outline of threads of mystery still remaining around Sauniere and Rennes-le-Chateau.
The Mary Magdalene Painting, Bruges by Valerie Martin
Father of Jesus by Janet Koupis
Temperaments in Occult Art by Stephen Anderson
R.O.44, April 2005
More on the Father of Jesus by Lilian Jones
The Stenay Devil by Valerie Martin
The Mysterious Monsieur Cailhol by Peter O’Reilly
M.Cailhol of Alet-les-Bains was a contemporary of and well-known to Abbe Boudet and appears to have had an interest in local  archeaology.
The Real DaVinci Code by Valerie Martin
Who is Buried in Poussin’s Tomb by Stephen Anderson
Possible clues in Greek mythology and Rosicrucian Manifestos.
A Visit to the Languedoc by Jan Koupis
Papal Prophecy Watch by Stephen Anderson
Papal election of Cardinal Ratzinger.
The Prophecy of Premol by Stephen Anderson
Jesus and the Ark by Stephen Anderson  
R.O.45, July 2005
The Sauniere Story by Guy Patton
Earliest references to the Sauniere mystery story.
The Rebus of the Way of the Cross by Stephen Anderson
Interpretations of some Stations of the Cross in the Rennes church.
Codex Bezae & the Da Vinci Code by Wieland Wilker
Detailed examination of the Codex Bezae and its source for the parchment text.
More on the Codex Bezae...  by Sandy Hamblett
Notes on the Codex Bezae and the Parchments by Stephen Anderson
R.O.46, October 2005
Review : Poussin and French Dynastic Ideology by Valerie Martin
Review of Prof. Bernstock’s book about Poussin’s Les bergers d’Arcadie.
Comments: The rebus of the Way of the Cross by Vi Marriott
The PO Factor in the Serpent Rouge by Vi Marriott
Understanding the Serpent Rouge document. A critical analysis.
The Pentagram and Asmodeus by Janet Koupis
Analysis of the symbolism suggested by the devil statue in the Rennes church.
The Secret in the Field by Stephen Anderson
Mary Magdalene and Melancholy by Stephen Anderson
A look at the representation of the Magdalene in Art.
R.O. 47, Spring 2006
Black Virgin in St Denis Basilica, Paris by Valerie Martin
A Mary Magdalene Window by Valerie Martin
The Fairy Melusine by Valerie Martin
The Radclyffe Heritage, Pt 1 by John Walker
The Po Factor in Serpent Rouge, Pt 2 by Vi Marriott
Mythology of Astrology by Philippe de Cherissey trans. by Steve Anderson
The Gold of Rennes... for a Napoleon - by Philppe de Cherissey trans. by Vi Marriott
The Legend of the Paris Zero Meridian - by Pierre Plantard, Pt 1 trans. by Peter O’Reilly
R.O. 48, Summer 2006
The Radclyffe Heritage, Pt 2 : The Cumbrian Connection        by John Walker
The Documents of the Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery                   by Vi Marriott
The Legend of the Paris Zero Meridian - by Pierre Plantard, Pt 2 by Peter O’Reilly
Preface to `Circuit’ by Dingron-Mozart de l’Institut - translation and commentary by Vi Marriott
The Hidden Circuit : 'Good King Dagobert’ and the Tarot - translation and commentary by Steve Anderson
John the Baptist, Alchemy and Melancholy by Steve Anderson
Review of `Rennes-le-Chateau : Le Secret de Sauniere’
by Jean-Luc Robin - and `Operation Orth’ by Vi Marriott      
Review of `The Jesus Scroll’ by Donovan Joyce by Steve Anderson
R.O. 49, Autumn 2006
Hidden Treasure by Steve Anderson
Reflections on the PoS and Sauniere mysteries by Vi Marriott
Excursion to Languedoc, Sept 2006 by Steve Anderson
The Radclyffe Heritage, Pt 3 by John Walker
Origins of the Arcadian Motto by John Walker
Boudet’s Tomb Revisited by Peter O’Reilly
Esoteric Philosophy of Paul Le Cour by Steve Anderson
Two Kings that Never Ruled, Pt 1 by Steve Anderson
Winter 2007 Newsletter
Two Kings that Never Ruled, Pt 2 by Steve Anderson
The Radclyffe Heritage, Pt 4 by John Walker
Stone and Paper, (Philippe de Cherisey) Trans by Vi Marriott
Further to Esoteric Philosophy of Paul Le Cour by Vi Marriott
The Arch, Its Symbolism (Jacques d’Arthuys) - Trans by Steve Anderson
The Arch is the Ark by Steve Anderson
The Dubosc Affair (M. Sangia) - Trans by Steve Anderson
Alchemy in Art by Steve Anderson
R.O 50, Spring 2007
The Church of John and the Age of the Holy Spirit by Steve Anderson
A Strange Manuscript Which Mentions Rennes-le-Chateau by Filip Coppens
Comments on ‘A Strange Manuscript’ by Steve Anderson
In Search of the Real Hieron du Val d’Or by Guy Patton
The Father of Samson by Steve Anderson
Le Language secret des fleurs (by David O. Cornaline) - Trans by Steve Anderson
Notes on ‘The Arch is the Ark’ by Vi Marriott
The Samaritan Messiah   by Steve Anderson
De Cherisey decoding method in Circuit (1971)
- A Comment on the obscure novel by Mariano Antoniono
R.O 51, Summer 2007
Templars No Longer Heretics           
Chapters from Gérard de Sède’s La race fabuleuse - Trans by Stephen Anderson
Pierre et Papier by Philippe de Chérisey – Part Two - Trans by Violet Marriott                  
The Language of the Birds and the Bees  by Ibi Burns                       
A Fishy Tale by Violet Marriott             
Winter 2008 Newsletter

News from Rennes-le-Château: Trembling Rocks Vandalized! – Valerie Martin      

Obituary: Jean-Luc Robin – Valerie Martin                                                              

Review of Graham Simmans’ Jesus After the Crucifixion – Valerie Martin        

Obituary: Graham Simmans – Valerie Martin                                                    

An Interview with Pierre Plantard by Noel Pinot - summarized by Vi Marriott       

The “Prof” of Philosophy Drugs on LSD – translated by Vi Marriott                   

Three Conferences by Pierre Plantard – trans. by Stephen Anderson      

Palmes Academiques – Clive Harper                                                            

Response to “Palmes Academiques” – Vi Marriott                                     

A Catholic Priest Responds to “Le Langue Secret des Fleurs”                   

Jehan l’Ascuiz – Stephen Anderson                                                                     


R.O. 52, Autumn 2007

Obituary: Richard Leigh              

Pierre et Papier by Philippe de Chérisey – Part Three – translated by Vi Marriott 

In the Beginning… - Vi Marriott      

Comments on the “Manuscript” of “Stone and Paper” - Stephen Anderson 

Comments on Chaumeil’s “Original Parchments” - Stephen Anderson



R.O. 53, Spring 2008 

Pierre et Papier by Philippe de Chérisey– observations, etc.  - Guy Patton   


Some comments on the “Winter 2008 Newsletter”- Filip Coppens     

The Story of Jehan l’Ascuiz – Vi Marriott                            

Jehan l’Ascuiz in Grey Magic – Stephen Anderson                  

Questions, Questions and More Questions – John Walker          

Sion in Girona – John Walker              

Jesus the Egyptian – Stephen Anderson     

The Temple in Egypt – Stephen Anderson           

The Bird in the Tree by Ava Roncelin Iddo – trans. by Stephen Anderson  

The Priory of Sion – Chronology - Guy Patton              

Playing the Priory’s Game – Stephen Anderson                

Note on Poulpiquet Films – Stephen Anderson           

The Serpent in the Tree – Stephen Anderson                            





R.O. 54, Summer 2008

Answers, Answers, and More Answers – Vi Marriott 


Domus Canon  - What’s In A Name? – Jill Murray           


What’s In Another Name? – Jill Murray        

Some Answers to Guy Patton – Vi Marriott   

Ancient Stones – John Pollard        

Delacroix and the Horse of God – Stephen Anderson    


Addendum to “Secret in the Field” – Stephen Anderson 


Re: “Did Philippe de Chérisey know the decoding method…” – Vi Marriott 


“Archives Secrètes” Compared to “Stone and Paper”: Part 1  – written and translated by Stephen  Anderson                             


- R.O. 55, Autumn 2008


Christ au Lièvre – Bob Keer                   

Which Bird and What Tree?: Further to Ava Iddo’s Comments – Sophia Wright             Boudet’s Signature, Epitaph and Map – John Pollard                              

Meridian Zero by Philippe de Chérisey – trans. by Vi Marriott  “Archives Secrètes” Compared to “Stone and Paper”: Part 2 - written and translated by Stephen Anderson


- R.O. 56/57, Winter/Spring 2009


Ex-Chairman’s Address – Guy Patton    

New Chairman’s Address – Andrew Gough

The Rennes Group Forum 2nd May - Valerie Martin     

The Bee in Rennes-le-Château Mythology – Andrew Gough  

The Shepherdess Cipher: In Search of the Solution – Tim Axon       

“Archives Secrètes” Compared to “Stone and Paper”: Part 3  – translation and commentary by Stephen Anderson

“The Alibi of O” from Circuit by Philippe de Chérisey – translated by Stephen Anderson

Additions for the French Edition of The Paradise Co-ordinates - John Pollard

The Sacro Catino – Stephen Anderson  


- R.O. 58-59, Fall/Winter 2009


Obituary: Janet Koupis      

A Strange Document – Societé Perillos – Kate Farley  A Summary and Review of Hugo Soskin’s The Cook, the Rat, and the Heretic – Richard Dietrich        

Restoration – Irenaeus Erenberg 

Poussin’s Satyrs and Shepherds – Stephen Anderson

Did de Chérisey Write the Shepherdess Parchment? - Vi Marriott

“The Alibi of O” from Circuit by Philippe de Chérisey – translated by Stephen Anderson

Angels and Demons Contest Winner      


- R.O. 60/61, Summer/Autumn 2010


Masters of Deception – Guy Patton        

Jehan l’Ascuiz Identified! – Stephen Anderson  

The Lost Gold Mine of Rennes-le-Château – John Pollard     

Noon-day Demons – Stephen Anderson 

Mysteries of the Penitents of Girona – Isaac ben Jacob         

Pandora and Mary Magdalene – Stephen Anderson    

Pierre Plantard, Lost King, Magus or Hoaxer? – Vi Marriott    

И: The Arcadian Letter – Stephen Anderson     

Local Legends of Girona – Isaac ben Jacob      

Sacred Geometry in The Lost Symbol – Stephen Anderson


- R.O. 62, Autumn 2013


Introduction to Circuit - Vi Marriott

A Lost Page Recovered?  - Vi Marriott   

The Missing Weaver: Patrick Ferté and Philippe de Chérisey’s Circuit - Peter O’Reilly         

The Treasure Trail in Philippe de Chérisey’s Appendix to Circuit “The Alibi of O” - Jackie Beecham                  

D OUOSVAVV M – Bob Keer      

 “Arlequin”– translated by Vi Marriott      


- R.O. 63, Spring 2014


The Octopus and the Fish in Norberto’s Le Symbolisme de l’Échiquier and Lobineau’s Dossiers Secrets - Peter O’Reilly                  

Putnam and Wood Exposed! – Stephen Anderson      

David Teniers Analysis – John Pollard    


- R.O. 64, Jan. 2015


Analysis of Et in Arcadia Ego by Poussin – John Pollard

The Site of the Former Tomb near Les Pontils – John Walker          

Murder, Mayhem and Meridians – Jackie Beecham               

Pierre Plantard and Actors – Peter O’Reilly

An Examination of the Parchment Manuscripts – John Pollard                              

Asmodeus, Demon of Middle Age – Stephen Anderson         

The Chemical Wedding in Le Serpent Rouge – Vi Marriott

The Fairy Folk of the Aude – Peter O’Reilly


- R.O. 65, Aug. 2015


Teniers:  Key, Pax and the Archduke’s Treasure - Peter O’Reilly

The Tree in Poussin’s Arcadia - Peter O’Reilly     13

Analysis of Anthony Van Dyck’s Portrait of Lord George Stuart - John Pollard           

Why Blue Apples – Vi Marriott       

Letter from Anacharsis at the Exhibition – Trans. by Jackie Beecham         

Ben Hammott’s Genuine Discoveries - Robert McCutcheon    30

Maurice Leblanc, Arsène Lupin and the Mystery of        32

Rennes-le-Château - Jackie Beecham


- R.O. 66, Jan. 2016


Beyond the Legacy – John Walker                     

Pierre Plantard and Marcel Carné – Peter O’Reilly         

Emblems and the Priory of Sion – Stephen Anderson     

The Arcadian Cipher Revisited – Robert McCutcheon    

The Magician Who Wasn’t - Vi Marriott             

John Dee: Some Trivia – Stephen Anderson               

Mon Universelle – John Walker              

Philippe de Chérisey Ecowarrior? - Jackie Beecham              


- R.O. 67, July 2016


Arcadia, the Stars and the Serpent - Peter O’Reilly                         

The Phantom Priory – translated by Vi Marriott           

“Ego” – translated by Vi Marriott             

The Marriage Myth – Vi Marriott             

Notes on La Madeleine au désert de la Sainte-Baume

          by Pierre de Saint Louis – trans. by Anson Sheptender          

Anagrams, the Ars Magna – Ardent Sheepson            

A Source for Roseline? – Shepard Tenneson                                 

Old Twelvey Night – Jackie Beecham                                  

A Brief Appreciation of Umberto Eco - Robert McCutcheon       

The Ark and Mount Cardou - Phares Stendonne


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